an experimental ballet by Erik Thurmond based on poems by Johnny Drago

Tanz Farm season III

Rhodes Theatre

of heartless heartthrobs
reflecting up, mirage-like,
through the heat.

of thirsting someone
so badly, you’d sacrifice
your own body for a sip.

our longings ripple outward,
eternal, but seldom ripple back.

in a sun-baked desert of desire,
where gods loom large
over flowers so fragile,

comes to life
in hieroglyphics
an ancient teenage tale.

of lovers lost,
and voices, too.

press from Medium

kristin d'addario, noelle kayser, claire molla, erik thurmond, melissa word

photo / johnny drago

erik thurmond

photo / johnny drago

anicka austin, anna bracewell crowder, kristin d'addario, miriam golomb, noelle kaiser, claire molla, melissa word

photo / thom baker